What We Do

“We believe that the value to our clients is the confidence they gain through a disciplined and personalized plan towards protecting and growing their wealth. Our clients deserve so much more than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which is used by so many in this industry. Instead, we commit to providing each client with a customized portfolio that’s actively managed. This commitment is clearly more time and resource-intensive, but it is how we assure our clients’ needs are fully met.”


Whether you’re solely looking for help with managing your investments or you are looking to plan for broader financial goals, we provide all the resources you need including:

Portfolio Management

Let us customize your investment portfolio to meet your unique financial needs and goals. We never use the “one size fits all approach” so common in today’s industry; rather we customize a portfolio that’s actively managed for you.   

Maryland Financial Advisors, Harvest Investment Consultants, LLC - Portfolio Management

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Financial planning and wealth management is a broad service area which includes exploring aspects such as net worth, cash flow, retirement planning, education planning, estate planning techniques, gifting strategies, insurance, and income tax reduction strategies. It is a process of determining where you are today, where you would like to be in the future, and what strategies are available to get you to your ideal vision of financial freedom and independence. 
*Harvest does not provide tax preparation services or drafting of any legal instruments.

Risk Management

The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of portfolio returns.  Well-managed portfolios start with this precept.” – Benjamin Graham

Because of the cyclical nature of economies, periods of general growth and prosperity are often followed by periods of economic slowdown… sometimes severe enough to result in recession. Our process starts with a top-down understanding of the domestic and global macroeconomic landscape. By understanding the highest probable moves in growth, inflation, and central banking activity we are better able to positions portfolios by using both a strategic and tactical approach.

At Harvest, we believe that managing risk on multiple levels is a major component of our enduring success… and is always one of our primary goals with any portfolio. A balanced portfolio structure, strategically diversified across various investment classes has been proven to provide more risk-averse returns for long term investors. Layering in a tactical overlay to capitalize on the macroeconomic conditions, further adds to risk efficiency.

We use an industry-leading tool designed to help our investment advisors and financial planners better assess investor risk tolerance…

The financial markets are inherently volatile from time to time. Riskalyze gives us an efficient and powerful way to engage our clients in a discussion centered on their sentiment toward varying levels of market volatility. By understanding how our clients view the trade-off between risk and potential return, we are better equipped to bring their portfolios into alignment. Finding the balance of risk and potential long-term returns means putting our clients in a position to successfully weather short term rough patches in the market without hitting the “panic button.”

Investment Risk Calculator, Harvest Investment Consultants, LLC

Unbiased Sourcing and Structure

At Harvest, we always source our data and research from reliable sources with NO AGENDA other than providing timely updates on economic growth, inflation, monetary policy, and market trends. In addition, we also:

  • Subscribe to an independent credit-rating agency to obtain the most unbiased and accurate financial rating and balance sheet analysis for fixed income.
  • Provide clients with advice that is ALWAYS in their best interest.

What we NEVER do:

  • Receive marketing dollars and other soft-dollar subscription assistance from mutual fund companies or other investment product companies.
  • Engage our clients in seminars or educational events sponsored by mutual fund or other investment companies.
  • Attend sporting events, dinners, shows, golf outings or other sponsored social engagements hosted by mutual fund or investment companies.