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Financial Planning

Financial Planning​

Prosperity Requires Planning

Prosperity Requires Planning

Financial planning is more than investment advisory and portfolio management. Financial planning requires a comprehensive assessment and strategy to meet the demands of future goals. These could be a relocation, opening a business, starting a family, or planning for retirement.

For some, the goal of financial planning is saving for the future or improving one’s financial situation. For others, it could be estate planning or reducing tax liability.

Financial planning includes the evaluation and analysis of current and all potential future situations to understand our client’s financial capacity to achieve their goals. We work with our clients one-on-one modeling various scenarios based on their current situation and plan for where they would like to be in the future. We lay out a roadmap to optimize the chance of success in achieving life’s big goals.

Our Process

When working with our clients, we take a holistic approach to understanding goals, analyze net worth and cash flow, and develop techniques and strategies to meet their future and evolving needs.

Our process is a collaborative one that includes sophisticated, easy-to-use industry-leading software that provides clients with a dashboard for a comprehensive look at their financial situation and the ability to track progress day by day. The Wealth Management Software allows our clients to view their entire financial life in one place including investment and bank accounts, liabilities, employer-sponsored plans, and college savings plans. The software also allows for tracking and budgeting of expenses and even provides a secure document and report vault for secure storage of wills, trusts, and tax returns.

As a boutique advisory firm, we take the time to get to know our clients, to understand their existing financial situation and their vision for the future.

Step 1.

Establish goals

Step 2.

Gather data to understand where the client is in relation to the goals

Step 3.

Model scenarios and develop a plan

Step 4.

Monitor progress and make adjustments as needed

Discover your capacity for the future.

Discover your capacity for the future.

Portfolio Management

Our proprietary process allows us to make better decisions while managing our clients’ wealth for long term capital appreciation and protection of wealth. We start with a data-driven macroeconomic understanding of where the domestic and foreign economies are within broad economic cycles, buttressed by independent, unbiased, and unconflicted data from multiple sources.

Our portfolios are managed with a blend of strategic and tactical asset allocation and customized to fit each individual client’s financial situation, balancing risk-efficiency, fees and expenses, liquidity, and transaction costs.

401(k) & Pension Consulting

Our experienced advisors work with plan sponsors to analyze and develop 401(k) and pension plans that meet organizational needs and provide valued benefits to employees.

We work with plan sponsors to evaluate 401(k) plans for compliance and monitor investment options.

Experience the Harvest Difference

Customized financial planning for all of life’s moments.

Growing and harvesting your wealth begins with an advisor you can trust.